Smitty's Lanes

Smitty's Lanes opened up in the Fall of 2016 after an extensive remodel the summer before. Wheatland's only bowling alley features eight lanes, three pool tables, lockers, arcade machines, a bar and a concession stand.


Don't hesitate to call and talk to us, but we do have a frequently asked questions section below so you can get those quick answers you need.

When do you have open bowling?

Right now, we have open bowling Thursday - Saturday from open to close.

What is your policy on outside food?

We don't allow outside food or drinks inside Smitty's. The only excpetion is if you're having a birthday party, you're allowed to bring in a cake or cupcakes (of course!)

How much is it to have a birthday party?

We don't have a party rate as of right now but we do allow parties in the bowling alley. It's just normal charges for everybody to come and bowl. It's $3 per game per person, $1 for kids shoes, and $2 for adult shoes. We also request that parties occur in time windows at our descretion - usally around 3PM on a Saturday or 4PM on Friday. We also request that your party go no longer than 2 hours. If you'd like to have your party at Smitty's, call us at 307-322-2158 during our business hours.

Do I have to take off my shoes at the door?

If it's snowy outside, then yes. If it's not, then no. We like to protect our bowlers from slipping and falling, that's why we try and keep the outside snow and moisture to a minimum.

Do you host private parties?

Yes! We do host private parties at Smitty's. Call us during business hours at 307-322-2158 or you can email Kent - - for more information.

What's the policy on reserving lanes?

Generally we allow reservations, but we do them at our descretion. Most of the time, it's easiest to just call and see if there's a waiting list. If there is, we can add you to it and tell you how long until you should come in. Usually, the only time we do lane reservations is for birthday parties because we realize that there's some planning on your part that needs to be done.

I still need some info, what should I do?

Feel free to email or call us. We're always happy to help.

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Address:101 16th Street

Phone: 307-322-2158